Book Value per Share


  • Id: book_val_per_sh
  • Type: fundamentals
  • Subtype: ratios
  • Units: ratio
  • Decimal Points: 2
  • Currency Convertible: Yes
  • Tags: “Book Value per Share”, “BVPS”, “Equity per Share”, “Net Asset Value per Share”, “Shareholders’ Equity per Share”


Book Value per Share is a way to calculate how much each share of a company’s common stock is worth after paying off all its debts. It shows how much money would be left for the common shareholders if the company sold all its assets and paid all its liabilities. It can help investors decide if a stock is cheap or expensive compared to its market price. The formula for Book Value per Share is:
Book Value per Share = (Total Common Equity) / Number of Shares Outstanding
Where: - Total Common Equity is R0132, tot_common_eqy - Shares Outstanding is BS078, bs_sh_out