• Id: ebita
  • Type: fundamentals
  • Subtype: income_statement
  • Units: currency
  • Decimal Points: 0
  • Currency Convertible: Yes
  • Tags: “EBITA”, “earnings before interest taxes and amortization”, “operating profit minus depreciation expense”, “cash earnings before interest and taxes”, “non-GAAP measure of profitability excluding amortization”


EBITA is a measure of company profitability that excludes some expenses, such as interest on loans, taxes due, and depreciation on tangible assets like equipment or buildings. It is calculated by subtracting the depreciation expense from EBITDA, which is earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. It shows how much cash profit a company generates from its core operations. It does not include the effects of interest, taxes, or capital structure. The formula for EBITA is:
EBITA = EBITDA - Depreciation Expense
Where: - EBITDA is R0001, ebitda - Depreciation Expense is R0011, is_depr_exp