Free Cash Flow per Basic Share


  • Id: free_cash_flow_per_sh
  • Type: fundamentals
  • Subtype: ratios
  • Units: ratio
  • Decimal Points: 2
  • Currency Convertible: Yes
  • Tags: “free cash flow per share”, “FCF per share”, “FCFPS”, “cash flow per share”, “cash flow available per share”


Free Cash Flow per Share is a way to measure how much cash a company generates for its shareholders after paying for its operations and investments. It is calculated by dividing free cash flow by the number of shares outstanding. This measure shows how profitable a company is and how well it can use its cash to grow, pay dividends, reduce debt, or buy back stock. Free Cash Flow per Share can also help investors compare the value of different stocks and see how much they can earn from their investment. The formula for Free Cash Flow per Share is:
Free Cash Flow per Share = Free Cash Flow / Number of Shares
Where: - Free Cash Flow (CF045, cf_free_cash_flow) is the cash that a company has left after paying for its operating expenses and capital expenditures. - Number of Shares (IS029, is_sh_for_diluted_eps) is the average number of shares that would be outstanding if all convertible securities were converted into common stock.