Price/Book Value Low


  • Id: low_closing_price_to_book_ratio
  • Type: fundamentals
  • Subtype: ratios
  • Units: ratio
  • Decimal Points: 2
  • Currency Convertible: No
  • Tags: “P/B low”, “price to book low”, “price book low”, “low book value multiple”, “low price per book value”


The price to book ratio (P/B) is a way to compare how much the market values a company to how much it is worth according to its accounting records. It is calculated by dividing the current market price of each share of the company by its book value per share (BVPS). The book value per share is the amount of money that would be left for each share if the company sold all of its assets and paid off all of its debts. The formula for the price to book ratio is:
Price to Book Ratio = Low Price per Share / Book Value per Share
Where: - Low Price per Share is R0119, pr_low - Book Value per Share is R0128, book_val_per_sh