Balance Sheet

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Accounts & Notes Receiv
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable, Net
Accrued Liabilities
Accrued Taxes
Accumulated Depreciation
Additional Paid in Capital
Allowance For Doubtful Accounts
Capital Leases - Total
Cash & Cash Equivalents
Cash, Cash Equivalents & STI
Common Stock
Deferred Revenue
Deferred Revenue
Deferred Tax Liabilities
Deferred Tax Liabilities
Derivatives & Hedging
Derivatives & Hedging
Equity Before Minority Interest
Finished Goods
Interest & Dividends Payable
Inventory Adjustments
Loans Receivable, Net
LT Borrowings
LT Debt
LT Deferred Tax Assets
LT Derivative & Hedging Assets
LT Finance Leases
LT Investments
LT Investments & Receivables
LT Receivables
Minority/Non Controlling Interest
Misc LT Assets
Misc LT Liabilities
Misc ST Assets
Misc ST Liabilities
Net Debt
Net Deferred Tax Liabilities
Notes Receivable, Net
Other Equity
Other Intangible Assets
Other Inventory
Other LT Assets
Other LT Liabilities
Other Payables & Accruals
Other Receivable, Net
Other ST Assets
Other ST Liabilities
Payables & Accruals
Pension Liabilities
Preferred Equity and Hybrid Capital
Prepaid Expenses
Property, Plant & Equip
Property, Plant & Equip, Net
Raw Materials
Retained Earnings
Share Capital & APIC
Shares Outstanding
ST Assets Held-for-Sale
ST Borrowings
ST Debt
ST Deferred Tax Assets
ST Derivative & Hedging Assets
ST Finance Leases
ST Investments
Tangible Assets
Tangible Common Equity
Total Assets
Total Capital
Total Common Equity
Total Current Assets
Total Current Liabilities
Total Debt
Total Equity
Total Intangible Assets
Total Invested Capital
Total Liabilities
Total Liabilities & Equity
Total Noncurrent Assets
Total Noncurrent Liabilities
Treasury Stock
Work In Process
Working Capital